The Best Spring Menswear Trends 2020

The Best Spring Menswear Trends 2020

Men’s outfits are slowly getting colorful, more adventurous and less embarrassed by old dress codes. Whether white-collar workers want hoodies for office or fashion enthusiast men choose streetwear for a party, change is everywhere, especially in the spring season.

There is no denying that spring is the perfect time for reinvention and breathing new life into your style. But, what if you don’t have any idea about spring style? Here, we will be discussing the top five men’s trends in 2020. Whether you want to update your wardrobe or are looking for a bit of spring styling inspiration, these trends are perfect options for you!

Let’s take a look at five men’s wear trends for spring 2020.

Cuban Collar Shirts

If you don’t have any idea what to wear in the spring season to look stylish and feel cozy, the key is the Cuban collar shirt. With a distinctive collar and short sleeves, this shirt is an easy way to jazz up an outfit and make a real statement. You can layer it superbly with casual jackets to get a stylish look this spring. This shirt looks extra cool in bright shades like yellow, blue or green. Apart from this, you can choose by shopping online in Paris to wear it with a bold print or keep it plain in a solid color. When you complete the look with chinos and sunglasses, you will be donning the summer sun in style.

Over The Knee Shorts

If you are looking for the outfit that will keep you mostly covered but stay cool in summer 2020, a pair of over the knee shorts is the best pick for spring 2020. This outfit allows you to achieve the ultimate casual feel yet stylish look. Whether you rock this bottom pair with a bold pattern or keep it hot in a bright color, you can never go wrong with these statement pieces. To purchase this outfit, you can visit our online store. At Style Fashion Class, we bring the most comprehensive range of casual wear from affordable French clothing brands for you. You can complete this look with an open shirt.

Cargo Trousers

Part of a wider utilitarian trend, men’s cargo pants is back in the super-accomplished collection. Whether with drawstring ties for a more cinched waist or loosely flowing with larger-than-life pockets, the cargo has become the best choice among fashionable men. No matter how you style these trousers, you will have the appearance of super long and oh-so-stylish pins. The best cargo pants are found in Paris, so if you want them, you need to visit a reputed store for shopping online in Paris.

Relaxed Suiting

Not all altering has to be tight, so why not go for relaxed suiting? From something subtle to extremely over the top, wearing a formal outfit in a casual setting can never look so good. For a laid back feel, you can pair the ensemble with sneakers and a white tee as well as keep the blazer buttoned up. If you don’t want to look like you are in your dad’s clothes, try to avoid wearing an office shirt with this. Make sure you purchase this elegant yet cozy attire from affordable French clothing brands. Just be confident, rock it and you will be getting compliments all day!

Sheer Shirt

Sheer shirt trend was popular in the 70s, and it has recently made a comeback with good reason. The reason is this shirt feels natural during a time like now that embraces self-expression and personal style. With this outfit, you can show off your abs and tattoos. It is all about going see through this spring/summer season. The Sheer trend is everywhere in Paris, too. So, by shopping online in Paris, you can get a high-quality and perfect fit sheer shirt for you. If you want to get a sexy, hot look for a fun night out, you can pair this outfit with a relaxed suit. Not only does it offer up major style points, but it also offers major ventilation!!! BREEZY.

The Bottom Line!

So, there are five best spring men’s wear in 2020. No matter where you want to go, wearing these collections can make you feel comfortable yet stylish. For shopping online in Paris, you can get in touch with Style Fashion Class.

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